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Ooh, first post!! Obviously, Vincent ownz everyone. Seriously. Yay for Vincent. For all you Spanish-speakers out there, Vincent esta mi personaje favorito en Final Fantasy (aparte de Sephiroth) porque tiene una cara belleza y palido como la luna, ojos rojos como sangre y fuego, pelo negro y largo como el cielo de la noche, y una corazon de oro. El esta muy amable y tranquilo, pero tiene una vida muy triste y desgarrador. Necesita mucho amor!!

LOL I really hope I said all that right. For all you English-speakers, I said (I hope) that Vincent's my favorite character in Final Fantasy (besides Sephiroth) because he has a face beautiful and pale like the moon, eyes red like blood and fire, hair long and black like the night sky, and a heart of gold. He is very kind and calm, but has a very sad and heartrending life. He needs lots of love!!
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